Voltage Fusion
A cloud Data Security Platform to discover, classify, protect, and govern data to reduce privacy risk



Data privacy built in
Voltage Fusion platform uses AI to quickly identify risk.



Insight to act effectively
Analyze and classify data for policy-based actions.



Data Security at Scale
Protect data everywhere, in analytics and applications.


Analyst Report
2023 Gartner® Peer Insights™ “Voice of the Customer”: Data Masking

Do you know where your data is, and what data you have?
Voltage Data Discovery enables organizations to gain a deep understanding of the data contained within structured and unstructured data repositories. This understanding helps detect value and risk, and protect sensitive and high-value data, while providing flexible approaches that evolve to serve your needs over the different use cases throughout the lifecycle of your data.

Privacy begins with data discovery
Data is at the core of both value and risk. Organizations need to know what data they have. As data volumes continue to grow in both structured and unstructured applications, many organizations have also seen their cloud object and file stores grow as they accelerate their cloud objectives. Data privacy regulations and data protection strategies compound these challenges and introduce complexity. In response, many organizations are simply looking for a place to begin. 

The most successful data discovery approaches allow organizations to build an understanding of their data, what value and risk it represents, and what actions can be taken to contain costs, detect, and protect sensitive data, and comply with regulatory policies.

Find out how much monetary risk you carry

Your customers trust you to keep their personal data private. Their high-value and unprotected data carries quantifiable monetary risk. What would the cost would be if your organization—and their data—was breached?

Find the monetary value of your data privacy risk now. And if your risk is too high, ask to speak to an expert. You can reduce risk and achieve data privacy by default.

Why Voltage?

Visibility over vast data estates
Discover high - risk data in days not weeks. Perform data cleanup or complete risk assessment.

Detect data value and use
Gain the ability to automate many actions, including data protection, minimization, and preservation.

Data protection solutions
Tokenize, encrypt, mask, and anonymize sensitive assets for data security in multi-cloud hybrid IT.

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