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Jaguar TCS Racing 
Virtual Garage Tour

Hosted by OpenText

Are you ready for an adrenaline rush?

  • Jump into the driver’s seat for a first-hand look at what it actually takes to prepare for race day at our Virtual Garage Tour—live from Shanghai!
  • Get a firsthand glimpse into how OpenText™ technology helps Jaguar TCS Racing push the boundaries in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.
  • Join Jaguar TCS Racing Team Members as they walk you through the garage and explain what it takes to get the team race-ready, including showcasing the OpenText™ technology used to support the team, particularly OpenText™ Vertica™.
  • Hear the live answer to your questions about the technology innovations driving the fastest-growing global motorsport.

Don't miss the chance for a live, close-up view of the all-electric Jaguar I-TYPE6 race car—the embodiment of the future of racing.

Fasten your seatbelt for an immersive experience at the intersection of speed and technology.


Explore the exciting lineup for the live event:


Welcome to Shanghai
Jaguar TCS Racing Virtual Garage Tour, hosted by OpenText


Live in the Garage with Jack Lambert of Jaguar TCS Racing


The impact of Gen3–fastest and most powerful car to date


Driver Insights
a team member will join us to discuss how the drivers prepare, the nuances on the track, and unique driver perspectives


Live Q&A
Ask the team questions live as they prepare for the 2024 Shanghai E-Prix


Discover OpenText™ winning technology

Thank you for joining us on this thrilling journey!

* Timing and agenda subject to change in accordance with ABB FIA Formula E World Championship regulations and scheduling.
* The garage tour and all presentations will be conducted in English

Technology Tracks

Immediately following the Virtual Garage Tour, be sure to shift gears to hear an OpenText expert give a 30-minute presentation about our winning technology. Choose from any of the technology tracks below: 

In the high-stakes world of Formula E racing, milliseconds matter. Discover how OpenText™ Vertica processes 500 million data points per race, utilizing time-saving features and "digital twins" to provide Jaguar TCS Racing with instant insights, competitive advantages, and sustainable outcomes. Handling unstructured data during races is akin to high-speed chess, but with IDOL, Jaguar TCS Racing effectively manages this challenge.
Whether you’re a Formula E racing fan or an analytics expert looking to give your business an edge, you won’t want to miss this session.

Laurence O’Brien
Global Product Marketing Manager

Steve Sarsfield
Director of Product Marketing, Analytics & AI

Whether your race is Formula E or software development, winning requires speed and innovation. That’s why CTOs are embracing predictive and generative AI to complement human creativity and solve tomorrow’s software delivery problems. DevOps Aviator’s cutting-edge AI and next-generation LLM turbocharges software delivery, empowers developers, and unlocks deep insights into your digital value stream KPIs—without compromising ethics or quality.

Join the session to learn how AI is reimaging the way businesses win the software race.

Michael O’Rourke
Senior Product Marketing Manager, DevOps Cloud

Jaguar TCS Racing uses OpenText™ analytics to search billions of data points for the next competitive edge. You can use the same highly scalable platform to optimize IT performance while capturing important carbon footprint metrics.

Attend the on-demand session to discover how you can rapidly ingest huge volumes of monitoring and carbon footprint data, normalize that data across clouds and your own datacenters, and apply AI to accelerate troubleshooting and get you back in the race—sustainably.

Neil Miles
Content Strategist, IT Operations Cloud

Companies struggle to digitize, automate, and integrate their supply chain operations. Connect once and reach anything with OpenText™ Business Network—an information super-highway that helps companies build smarter connections between people, systems, and things. Each year, 33 billion digital transactions race across our network, powering over $12 trillion in global commerce.

Explore how cloud integration helps companies win the supply chain digitization race, allowing them to drive innovation and embrace more sustainable working practices.

Mark Morley
Senior Director Product Marketing, Business Network

Today’s employees have instant needs and expectations that demand instant experiences. Don't get left behind—work smarter with a complete SaaS content management solution. 

Join the on-demand session to learn how you can boost operational excellence with intelligent automation and seamless application integrations, deliver collaborative digital employee experiences with Microsoft® 365™ and Google Workspace and unlock the potential of intelligent content with generative AI and large language models (LLM).

Cassandra Tilson
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Modern software delivery is synonymous with DevOps, but mainstream adoption has driven the evolution beyond just integration and automation. Security must keep pace with the ”everything-as-code” era to transition from point of friction to enablement—without sacrificing quality. 

Attend this session to learn how to build secure applications at the speed of modern development. 

Brent Jenkins
Senior Director of Product Marketing, Fortify

Data is a foundational part of competitive Formula E racing. The team uses telemetry data to understand the car’s performance as well as driver data to analyze their efficiency and style.  

Attend this session to learn how strong authentication protects access to Jaguar TCS Racing’s sensitive data, why traditional credentials are vulnerable to hacks, and how passwordless technology can keep access secure while keeping access simple.

Kent Purdy
Senior Product Marketing, NetIQ

Formula cars generate a lot of data—potentially terabytes on any given race weekend. While drivers and factory teams search their data for opportunities to improve, enterprise organizations are scanning their cybersecurity data for hidden threats. 

Learn how having the right context, intelligence, and analytics gives both racing teams and security teams the power to turn insight into action. 

Nik Earnest
Product Marketing Manager, ArcSight

Let's take the Experience Cloud onto the track and explore use cases to wow your customers and employees. See what performance experiences can look like when using powerful Experience Cloud applications, such as OpenText™ Exstream™, OpenText™ Media Management, OpenText™ TeamSite™, OpenText™ Notifications, and others. Come out of this session envisioning new approaches to tackling your customer and employee journeys, such as customer onboarding, claims processing, hyper-personalization, rich media, brand hub, and more. 

Tom Brown
Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting


Stephen McNulty
Senior Vice President, OpenText APAC

Jack Lambert
Research and Innovation Manager for JLR Motorsport

About OpenText

OpenText is the Official Technical and Analytics Partner for Jaguar TCS Racing, working together for a smarter, more sustainable future. Our world-class information management software and services help the team win races and push the boundaries that drive new electric mobility technologies needed for a low-carbon future.