Transform IT service management with generative AI

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Generative AI is changing the way we live, work, learn, and communicate. But how can GenAI transform your IT service management? Join our on-demand webinar to uncover the future role of ITSM practitioners in a GenAI world. You’ll also see OpenText™ IT Operations Aviator (our private GenAI virtual agent) in action—and learn how easy it is to manage and configure your GenAI environment in OpenText SMAX (our IT service management solution).

Episode 1: How will GenAI impact the role of humans in ITSM?

Anticipate disruption. Navigate with confidence. This episode explores the impact of GenAI on ITSM practitioners, business users, and customers. You will learn how roles are shifting and the core skills your team needs to balance GenAI efficiency with human creativity, intuition, and empathy.

Episode 2: GenAI virtual agents show off their skills in these ITSM use cases

Watch how Aviator, the GenAI virtual agent, handles common user service requests—including how-to questions, HR inquiries, and automation requests. Users can chat with Aviator at any time from the convenience of the SMAX self-service portal (or mobile app). Aviator responds with relevant, human-like answers to deliver the ultimate in personalized support.

Episode 3: Getting started with generative AI on SMAX

Equipped with context and knowledge, Aviator is ready for service on SMAX. In this session, you will learn all about the Aviator architecture, which is built on a private large language model (LLM). You will also see how easy it is to configure and manage the GenAI environment—no special administrative skills required. Aviator seamlessly integrates with SMAX, works with your enterprise content, and offers built-in safeguards for unbiased, appropriate answers.